Cloud Computing – Prelude

The basis of the terminology ‘cloud computing’ is uncertain, but it comes out to derive from the practice of using designs of stylized clouds to represent networks in illustrations of computing and infrastructure systems.
Cloud computing is a technology where software applications, processing capability, data as well as potentially uniform artificial intelligence are retrieved over the Internet. In simple words, in order to maintain both applications and data, cloud computing makes use of the internet along with central remote servers. This technology permits users and companies to use applications with no installation and retrieve their private files at any workstation with internet access. Via centralizing data storage, processing and bandwidth, cloud computing permits well-organized computing. Continue reading

Life made easy with iPhone-Cloud computing integration

Variety is the spice of life and thereby recent iPhone apps appear to be changing and come in a variety specific to user needs. iPhone has genuinely opened some brighter ways for online businesses to build strong customer relationship. Want to know how? Let us have a look on how iPhone has been proven to be a fully aided tool for revealing the Cloud computing perks. Continue reading

Emerging Trends of Cloud Technology

The latest trend of cloud technology has definitely attracted bulk of tech-niche users and popular IT giants. The growing popularity of “on-demand software” (SaaS) and other off-premise applications have undoubtedly influenced an IT buyer’s decision in many ways. As for those, who still couldn’t figure out about the forms offered by famous IT trend, here is a brief about emerging cloud computing models. Continue reading

Mobile Cloud Computing in 2013

It has been predicted by several cloud computing experts that mobile cloud computing will turn out to be even more vital in 2013. Whether it is an application or data storage, users are depending on the cloud as the key driver to fulfill their computing requirements. That is why several tablets, smart-phones, and other mobile gadgets shipped on a daily basis. Continue reading

Best Cloud computing trends forecasted for 2013

The latest vibe of cloud computing has been able to grab the interest of many technical pundits and analysts because of its great mobility and faster computing ability. The term “cloud computing” always clicks our minds when we think specifically about the needs of IT. Good storage capacity, extra capabilities on the cloud having no need of big investments on legal software agreements, combining all these ingredients gives you an epic, easy to access solution for your business needs. Continue reading

Always be aware of scam

Cloud computing may be pretty safe at the moment especially when you work with great companies like or But there will be way more offerings within the next years and some of them will be very cheap and compete with prices. So maybe you will only pay $5 for 20GB each month or even smaller sums. But there’s always risk involved that these cloud companies are not reliable. You should always pick a company that has a lot of money to lose when they are accused of phishing or not being cautious with sensitive data. This principle is true for many markets and areas like finance, especially forex or binary options trading, online gambling and so on. Here’s a good article about binary options scam and how to avoid it. And the same is true for cloud services as well. As long as you follow to outlined principles you should have no problems at all and you also shouldn’t be too scared. Sometimes people always think something is a scam even though there are no real reasons for it.